Our disciplines

We diagnose and treat children, adolescents, adults and families with emotional difficulties or alterations in their cognitive, affective or behavioural processes. We are specialists in growth and parenting.
We assess and intervene to enhance the person's cognitive skills, ensuring that the environment or the educational system works in the same line and direction. We enhance attention, literacy, numeracy, memory, organisation and time management.
Speech therapy
We diagnose, prevent and treat speech and language disorders, exploring the orofacial organs and all facets of communication, i.e. comprehension, speech, voice, writing/reading and hearing.
Naturopathy and nutrition
We stimulate the body's innate healing capacity and facilitate its balancing mechanisms to achieve a good state of health, promoting the principle of not being invasive or damaging to the body.
Music Therapy
We use music and its elements (rhythm, harmony and melody) in a therapeutic process of prevention, rehabilitation or treatment. We do individual and group sessions with children with communication or emotional management difficulties.
Occupational therapy
We promote health and well-being through occupation, i.e. purposeful and practical activities that enable people to live independently and gain a sense of identity. We work on sensory integration, proprioception and motor-cognitive planning.
Art therapy
This is an expressive therapy that uses the creative process of art to improve the physical and psychological well-being of the patient. We work on emotional expression and regulation. We carry out individual and group sessions.
It is a neuromuscular testing system thanks to which we determine imbalances and their priority causes and can thus re-establish equilibrium and bring the body back to its natural homeostasis.
Dog-assisted therapy
The dog is a social facilitator and sensory stimulus, being an excellent instrument for establishing new social relationships, we manage to capture the attention and facilitate the use of language and the expression of emotions. 
It is the analysis of all those responses or behaviours related to the acquisition and composition of the image and also to the communication and processing of visual stimuli.
A set of methods, actions and techniques, which through the manual and instrumental application of physical means, cures, recovers and adapts people affected by somatic, psychosomatic and organic dysfunctions.
Functional Neurology
Functional neurology is the basis of all our disciplines. It is a speciality of neuroscience that explains the direct connection between the central nervous system, the peripheral nervous system, the sensory receptors and the regulation of body functions.

Our team

Founder - Director - Neurologist
Corien Dorotea
Born in Curaçao, licensed as a Neuro-logopedist in the Netherlands, she has experience in the treatment of cerebral palsy and syndromes as well as with adults with different neurological communication problems. Specialist in Functional Neurology.
Clinical Manager - Clinical Psychologist
Ainhoa Corbera
She was born in Barcelona, graduated in Psychology at the UAB, and trained in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy at the ACPP. She moved to the UK where she continued her training at the Tavistock Clinic and worked and developed her career as a Clinical Psychologist in a North London NHS-CAMHS Hospital for more than 10 years. She currently lives in Sant Cugat and is the mother of two children. She is an expert in parenting.
Business Manager - R H
Flavia Idun
Born in the UK, she moved to Barcelona in 2008. After graduating in Kinesiology she ran her own health centre in the UK, and in Spain has worked as a therapist and consultant to promote the development and growth of therapeutic centres. She lives with her 2 children in Sant Cugat.
Sandra Perez
Born in Barcelona, she obtained a CFGS in Early Childhood Education and graduated in Psychology with a major in clinical and health psychology from the Autonomous University of Barcelona. Her professional experience includes direct attention to people with functional diversity in both adult and child population and she is currently in continuous training in Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).
Occupational Therapist
Katherine Saffery
Occupational Therapist with a specialisation in paediatrics, graduated from the Universidad de los Andes, Chile. She has experience in the treatment of babies, children and young people with sensory-motor and functional weaknesses from the approaches of Neurodevelopment - Bobath, Sensory Integration and visual therapy. Training in neuromotor, eating disorders and developmental disorders.
Occupational Therapist
Ginés Ruiz
Born in Elche, Alicante, he completed an Erasmus scholarship at the Hênry Gabrielle Hospital, renowned for functional rehabilitation. Trained in Bobath, and other techniques such as Perfetti, Halliwick (aquatic therapy) and Neurodynamics. He holds a master's degree "Rehabilitation in Neurology - Practical application of assessment and treatment" and CLASI certification in sensory integration.
Occupational Therapist
Maga Paiva
Graduated in Occupational Therapy at the Central University of Venezuela, with 17 years of experience in working with neuro-diverse children. Passionate about the brain from a functional perspective, she is certified in sensory integration and play therapy. She is also trained in gestalt therapy, therapeutic theater, improvisational theater, clown and comedy.
Speech therapist
Sandra Rodríguez Ors
Born in Barcelona, she is a Speech Therapist and Primary Education Teacher with a specialization in Attention to Diversity. She is currently specializing in treating communication and language difficulties in children, youth and adults with ASD.
With experience with both children and adolescents, Sandra treats ASD, dyslexia, language delays, attention, memory, cognitive functions, communication and swallowing disorders.
Speech therapist
Elena Herrero
Born in Teruel, she graduated in Speech Therapy from the University of Valencia. She has a postgraduate degree in Voice Rehabilitation and a Master's degree in Neurologopedia. She has experience in the clinical rehabilitation of adults and children in various pathologies such as aphasia, dysarthria, dysphagia, neurodegenerative diseases, vocal disorders, speech and language delays, dyslexia and myofunctional disorders. She continues to train and expand her knowledge.
General Health Psychologist
Patricia Sagarra
With more than 20 years of experience, she was born in Barcelona and obtained a degree in clinical psychology at the University of Barcelona. She studied a master's degree in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy at the ACPP and then specialised in Systemic Psychology at the EVNTF (Escuela Vasco Navarra de Terapia Familiar, with the Hospital de St Pau de Barcelona), as well as a postgraduate degree in Socio-educational Family Therapy at Eduvic (Universitat de Barcelona). 
Educational psychologist
Ariadna Martinez
Born in Barcelona, she graduated in early childhood and primary education teacher specialized in therapeutic pedagogy by the International University of La Rioja. Education has always been her vocation, but the vision of being able to help families and students with special educational needs from another perspective, led her to pursue a master's degree in Psychopedagogy at the Universitat Oberta de Cataluña and to continue in constant training to specialize in autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and TEACCH methodology.
Educational psychologist
Alexia Kidd
Born in Argentina, she obtained a degree in Psychopedagogy and today she is a specialist in Child Neuropsychology. She completed a postgraduate course in Neuropsychology and Neurology of Child Behavior at the UAB and an Official Master's Degree in Neuropsychology and Education at the International University of La Rioja. She has worked both in the educational field, in the guidance team of different schools, as well as in the clinical field, diagnosing and treating children, adolescents and adults with different neurodevelopmental disorders.
Marta Gómez
She was born in Barcelona and grew up in a bilingual environment, English and Spanish. She studied psychology at the Autonomous University of Barcelona and specialised in early childhood with a Master's degree in Early Childhood Care and Families at the Ramon Llull University - Blanquerna. She has been working with children and adolescents since 2007 and in recent years has specialised in autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

Speech therapist
Charline Solis
Charline is a speech therapist specialising in neurological therapy and neuropsychology. Her speciality is early childhood care, she is trained in the family-centred model and works from a holistic view of the child taking into account all areas of development.
Sandra Pérez
Born in Barcelona, she obtained a CFGS in Early Childhood Education and graduated in Psychology with a major in clinical and health psychology from the Autonomous University of Barcelona. Her professional experience includes direct attention to people with functional diversity in both adult and child population and she is currently in continuous training in Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).
Mireia Bravo
Born in Barcelona, she studied physiotherapy and later postgraduate studies in paediatric physiotherapy. After spending one year in Portugal, where she learnt techniques for the application of basal stimulation in the Snoezelen room in different populations, she returned to Barcelona. She has experience in the application of both rehabilitative and corrective movement in children and adults, and is currently focusing on the field of maternal and infant physiotherapy, studying for a postgraduate degree in breastfeeding at the UAB and continually updating her knowledge in the field of paediatric physiotherapy.
Veronica Llorens
Born in Patagonia, she studied dance until a serious car accident changed the course of her life. After months in intensive care and operations that reconstructed her spine, medicine saved her. The search for her own healing led her to study Neuro-kinesiology, Flower Therapy, Instrumental Osteopathy, Reiki, and Global Postural Re-education.
Specialist in Dog Assisted Therapy
Eve Guibault
She was born in Quebec, Canada, with a degree in Animal Assisted Intervention Technique. Eve is also a Certified Dog Trainer and has specialised in training therapy dogs for children with special needs and the elderly.
Dog therapists
India and Layka
Wow wow wow wow wow wow! Our therapist dogs have been trained in a specialized way and from a very early age. They have achieved great success in the treatment of children, adolescents and adults: they activate and awaken the motivation to learn, help to overcome phobias, depression and diseases of nervous origin, in addition to producing a relaxing effect. Layka and India work both in groups and individually and their therapy can be combined with Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy and Psychology.
Mireia Canals
Born in Barcelona, she is a music therapist and psychologist specialising in people with functional diversity and neurodevelopmental disorders. She has an intermediate musical training in music theory and piano.
She has experience in intervention with children with communication difficulties, with whom she uses music therapy tools to improve cognitive abilities and social skills.
Aida Prelgauskaite
Born in Lithuania, raised in Catalonia since 1994. She has a degree in Dietetics from the Institut Roger de LLuria (Barcelona), with training in Clinical Nutrition at CEAN and specialised in Anti-aging and Nutrigenomics nutrition. Living in Sant Cugat for the last 6 years, she is passionate about cooking and helping people to change their eating habits without giving up the pleasure of eating.
GAT and maintenance assistant
Jovhanna Quispe
Jovhanna Quispe was born in La Paz - Bolivia. She studied Executive Secretarial Work and worked at Konika Minolta Importadora. She studied Nursery Education. She is currently working in GAT, cleaning and is the maintenance assistant in Tot Teràpia.
Reception and administration
Gaspar Bacqué
Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Gaspar is a 31-year-old with more than ten years of teaching experience as a music teacher and administrative assistant. In addition, he has studied for three years at the Da Vinci School of Multimedia Art, where he trained in animation film direction and design.
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