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Psychologists, speech therapists and occupational therapists specialised in autism, ADHD, language difficulties and other developmental disorders.

What sets us apart: our method

Children and youth services

Learning Difficulties
Learning difficulties are specific and persistent difficulties in the acquisition of academic learning, such as reading, writing or mathematics. Being able to detect and work on these difficulties is essential for the development of good self-esteem in children with these difficulties.
Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity 
Some children have difficulty concentrating or memorising certain information, which is essential for good academic performance and also for any child's life.
Autistic Spectrum Disorder 
Children with ASD have rigid or repetitive behaviours, difficulties in communication and relationships with others, among other things, due to a lack of sensory integration and an imbalance in the functions of the nervous system.
Sensorimotor difficulties
Sensory motor difficulties affect many children who are sensitive to certain sounds or textures. They often have difficulty moving in a coordinated way and bump into things. They may also have difficulties with reading and writing.
Emotional or behavioural disorders and low self-esteem
Difficulties in emotional management can lead to behavioural problems, problems in relationships with others, or can cause children to become withdrawn and discouraged. Frequent tantrums, isolating themselves from others or not wanting to do things they used to enjoy are warning signs in our children.
Language disorders 
Communication is what differentiates humans from other animals. The difficulty in the ability to understand what the other is conveying and to be able to respond and express oneself clearly is an essential need for human beings. Children who have difficulty with speech, who have difficulty learning to read or write, who have difficulty swallowing or who have difficulty expressing themselves or understanding what is said to them, may have dyslexia or other language disorders.


When there are genetic difficulties, as is the case with children with different syndromes, they may be affect in a general way. We assess which aspects we need to work on and together with the parents we create the best therapeutic plan.

There are cases in which children do not have a diagnosis and will never be diagnosed. The important thing is to know where the difficulties occur so that a treatment plan can be created to achieve their best version.

Extracurricular activites - Afternoon workshops

Every day from 16:45 to 19:00 we run workshops for children and teenagers who need to work on their social skills, identity and self-esteem or their emotional regulation. Each group has its own programme and objectives, but they all have one thing in common: learning while having fun!

GAT - Therapeutic Academic Group

At Tot Teràpia, we want to give voice to the real needs of our families and offer them the support they deserve. We are very proud to have created a school with all therapies included, thus meeting the academic and therapeutic needs of our patients with communication difficulties (ASD) in a caring and safe environment, which follows the school timetable as if it were an ordinary school.

School hours from 9:00h to 16:00h
With therapies included

Services for adults

Face-to-face - Online
Anxiety, stress and depressed mood
Have you ever noticed that you are short of breath or suddenly feel as if your heart is racing and you start sweating for no reason? These are all symptoms that you are suffering from anxiety or stress.

Sometimes, we accumulate unresolved experiences and when we least expect it, our mind or body asks for help by showing physical and mental symptoms.

You may also feel apathy; you notice that activities that you used to enjoy no longer seem appealing, or that you simply feel lazy about everything.
Face-to-face - Online
Phobias, fears, obsessions and intrusive thoughts
Phobias are specific fears of some stimulus or stimuli that we feel are impossible to deal with. There are phobias or fears of an endless number of situations.  Although some are more or less similar to the majority of the population and/or are even adaptive and necessary, there are others that can restrict our social, professional and family life.  These we need to overcome in order to feel better (social phobia, phobia of aeroplanes, etc.).

On the other hand, intrusive thoughts, ideations and obsessions often hinder our daily work and can be especially annoying when undertaking any professional, personal, educational, etc. activity.
Face-to-face - Online
Process of bereavement or loss (death of loved ones, divorce)
Losing a loved one is a natural experience, but that does not mean it is easy. Sometimes, grief is marked by complex circumstances and sometimes, the process of elaboration and acceptance of a loss can get stuck.

The loss not only of a loved one, but also of a job, a relationship, etc... can be one of the most intense and heartbreaking life experiences.

The support of a therapist at this time is essential to process this experience and rebuild and enjoy the new reality in which we live.
Face-to-face - Online
General dissatisfaction, personal growth and guidance to success
Finding the balance for good mental and physical health in later life is not easy. As the years go by, life throws us challenges that are sometimes difficult to face.

Work life, partnership, parenthood, family, etc. are many areas where we feel obliged to give the maximum of ourselves.

Sometimes, we feel trapped, lonely, oversaturated, etc.. At these times it is important to ask for help to avoid falling into a crisis.
Face-to-face - Online
Difficulties after Strokes or Degenerative neurological diseases
Cognitive skills such as language, calculation and memory are compromised after a stroke or degenerative disease. These skills can be improved through cognitive or speech and language therapy. We also have powerful tools such as Neurofeedback and programmes adapted for the Interactive Metronome. These tools, which have been scientifically proven, maintain cognitive skills for longer in the case of a degenerative disease and will improve them in the case of a stroke. 
Face-to-face - Online
Voice difficulties (dysphonia and aphonia)
Being able to speak without straining is compromised when there are difficulties with the voice. This is when we realise how much we use it and need it. We need our voice to explain, sing and relate to others. At Tot Teràpia the speech therapists work with the voice.

Voice difficulties sometimes also have an emotional component. In this case, as we have a transdisciplinary team, a specific team is created for the person, consisting of psychologists and speech therapists, in order to work on all aspects of the difficulty.

Family Support

Difficulties in family dynamics

Our therapists are trained in systemic family psychotherapy and mentalisation, tools that allow us to approach family conflicts from an integral point of view. They work on aspects such as; communication, tools for setting limits and also emotional bonds, in order to analyse the dynamics that are established between family members and detect which of these are perpetuating the conflict.

Raising children

Children do not come with an instruction manual under their arm. Every family is different and the upbringing of our children is conditioned by many aspects (our own experiences as children, the life and social situation in which they are born, their own innate characteristics, our values or principles, etc.). This often generates confusion and doubts ("am I doing it right?") and we need support and guidance to be able to move forward.

Support in the adoption processes

In the case of adoptions and foster care, this support is often indispensable. Often children bring with them personal circumstances that we do not know about and that need to be processed and worked through in order to grow up in a healthy and happy way. We, as parents, must be able to help them in this process, and for this we often need the guidance of a professional who can provide us with the tools to create an environment of trust and care.

Nuestros programas intensivos

Family RESET

Do one or more family members have difficulties but you can't wait and want to see results as soon as possible?

The Family RESET Programme is the ideal platform for you and your family.

It is an intensive four-week programme. Our transdisciplinary team analyses in depth the difficulties and potentials of each member, as well as the relationships between them.

From here, an intensive treatment plan is drawn up. This includes individual, couple or family sessions with any member of the family (depending on the needs observed) and with any of our disciplines, as well as access to all of Tot Teràpia's technologies and therapeutic tools. 

Presencial Método Melillo

En Tot Terapia, ofrecemos un tratamiento intensivo utilizando el Método Melillo. Durante una semana intensiva, los padres están presentes en las sesiones y aprenden a aplicar los ejercicios en casa, lo que refuerza el proceso de estimulación y desarrollo. Estos tratamientos intensivos han demostrado ser altamente efectivos para mejorar el neurodesarrollo de los niños, aprovechando al máximo la neuroplasticidad del cerebro y abriendo nuevas puertas hacia un futuro más prometedor.

How we work

We offer an informative appointment to come and meet us. We will explain how we work and what treatments we can offer you, as well as show you our facilities.

The screening and diagnostic process

At Tot Teràpia we understand that when a child shows difficulties at home or at school, it is important to thoroughly assess everything that is happening and gather as much information as possible. Only then will we be able to understand the origin of the difficulties and treat them in the most efficient way possible.


Therapies that support other disciplines

Dog-assisted therapy

The dog is a social facilitator and a sensory stimulus capable of integrating into people's social lives. It can be used as an excellent therapeutic tool, allowing us to capture attention or facilitate the use of language and the expression of emotions.

Music Therapy

Music therapy is a complementary therapy to traditional medicine that uses music and its elements (rhythm, harmony and melody) in a therapeutic process of prevention, rehabilitation or treatment.

Through music therapy, the person can communicate by means of sounds, by creating a safe space for interpersonal relationships that is especially suitable for a therapeutic process.

Art Therapy

Art therapy is a mental health profession that uses the creative process to improve and enhance the physical, mental and emotional well-being of individuals.

Its cornerstone is the belief that the creative process and artistic expression helps people to: resolve conflicts and problems, develop interpersonal skills, manage behaviour, reduce stress, increase self-esteem and self-awareness, and achieve insight.


Kinesiology is a system of neuro-muscular testing.  It discoveres the  imbalances and their priority, so the therpaist can select the corrections that will release the probems and return the body to its natural homeostasis. We test the body without going through the mind and in this way we detect the physical, psycho-emotional or chemical traumas that cause discomfort and prevent the body from developing naturally.

Naturopathy and nutrition

Naturopathy is one of a variety of techniques that fall under the heading of alternative medicine. It aims to stimulate the body's innate healing capacity and facilitate its balancing mechanisms to achieve a good state of health, and promotes the principle of do no harm.

For teachers, school support

At Tot Terapia we understand that for a child to develop to their full potential, we need to work with the school and that is why we want to help!


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