At Tot Teràpia we understand that when a child shows difficulties at home or at school, it is important to thoroughly assess everything that is happening and gather as much information as possible. Only then will we be able to understand the origin of the difficulties and treat them in the most efficient way possible.


First session


Parents have an interview with one of our therapists in which information is gathered about the child's developmental history and the parents' current concerns.

In the meantime, the child is with another therapist who is assessing the child.


In cases, when the difficulty is very definite, or the child already has external support from other professionals, the first session will be done with only one therapist.


Assessment sessions 

These are individual sessions of the child with our therapists. In these sessions, standardised tests and clinical observations are carried out. All this information will allow us to better understand the difficulties and their origin, in order to design a more effective therapeutic plan.


Results meeting

In this session the therapists meet with the parents. The results of the examination are explained and a Diagnostic Report and Therapeutic Plan are given. The Therapeutic Plan is tailored to the individual patient. It can combine different disciplines or technologies, as well as include both individual and group therapies.



The treatments are developed in the form of Therapeutic Programmes which are a set of activities, exercises and techniques specific to a given discipline or several disciplines combined which, after years of experience and after being adapted to the specific needs of each child, have proved to be the best formula for treating their difficulties. We align ourselves with the parents and the school to reinforce the learning acquired in the sessions or so that the child can generalise it to all the contexts in which he or she lives: family, school and social environment. The child's progress is regularly assessed through our team meetings.



At Tot Teràpia we believe that with the right help, everyone has the potential to become their best version of themselves. For us, therapy is like a race, where obstacles or difficulties are overcome thanks to personal and team work and where competition is only with oneself. For this reason, when we finish a treatment at Tot Teràpia, the child receives the Tot Teràpia medal. A medal that cannot be bought, it can only be earned with your effort.

All under one roof

Neurodevelopmental difficulties rarely affect only one area. Therefore, their treatment requires different disciplines. We combine them in a specific Therapeutic Plan for each person, creating an effective treatment for each diagnosis.

We carry out individual, group and family diagnoses and interventions. We have a comprehensive school for children with severe communication difficulties (GAT) and we give courses and training for professionals and parents.

We have multiple disciplines and different professionals to achieve a comprehensive approach to each case.

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