Adult Reset Programme

Do you want to improve your health and your life in 3 months?
€ 2.000,00 EUR

Choose your base programme, receive a form tailored to your needs and attend assessments by your team of professionals: psychologist, nutritionist and physiotherapist so that they can understand your situation in depth. Together they will create a personalised transdisciplinary therapeutic plan combining psychology, physiotherapy and nutrition sessions to cover all aspects of your physical and emotional health.

Thanks to our partnership with the AnyTimeFitness gym, we can also offer a personalised training plan including discounted rates for our clients at the gym located on the floor directly below our centre.


  • Youth Programme
  • Pre-partum Maternity Programme
  • Postpartum Maternity Programme
  • Women's Programme
  • Second Life Programme / Climacteric 
  • Programme for you


  • Youth Programme 
  • Men's programme
  • Second Life Programme
  • Programme for you


  • Fertility / parenting programme

Renewal Programme

Contact us today for more information or to book your programme.

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