Living emotions to live them better
€ 135,00 EUR

The course on emotions "Living emotions to live them better" is a course that aims to provide tools to enhance emotional development in our children or in the children we work with on a regular basis.

The objective is to educate in emotional competences, facilitating emotional identification in oneself and in others, promoting empathy and conflict resolution.

In this course we will talk about: what emotions are and what their functions are, the different types of emotions that exist, beyond the basic emotions that we all know, what intrapersonal and interpersonal intelligence is, how to develop them, as well as the necessary steps to achieve good emotional regulation. In addition, we will talk about the neurological basis of emotions and the circuits that are triggered in our body at a physiological level.

This course is aimed at parents, educators, teachers and people who work or have regular contact with children and/or young people.

We are well aware that as adults, we sometimes have to deal with our own emotions, those of our co-workers or those of our children and/or pupils and this is not easy. Moreover, all this under the stress of daily work and the little personal time we may have.

Our aim is to help you to manage all this, providing guidelines with which you will be able to strengthen your emotional competences and those of your loved ones.

This course is for everyone!

We will give you concrete and specific exercises to guide you step by step.

We want to accompany you on this exciting journey, with our course you will never feel alone.


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