Metodo Dr Melillo: Neurologia Funcional y entreno cerebral en un contexto familiar

On-line sessions
€ 520,00 EUR
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It is a programme designed to teach and guide mothers, fathers and caregivers on how to train their child's brain at home, using the rhythm of everyday life.

Each child is unique and therefore each child will have his or her own exercises.

There will be a format of this course for each specific area of difficulty.

  • young children with ASD
  • children over the age of 7 with ASD
  • children with learning difficulties including Dyslexia and Tel
  • highly mobile children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).
  • children with undefined neurodevelopmental difficulties with academic difficulties
  • children with neurodevelopmental difficulties due to genetic difficulties
  • Children with motor difficulties
  • Children with emotional and behavioural difficulties.

In the course we will guide you step by step on why, how and when to do the exercises that stimulate your child's brain.

You will learn to recognise, interpret and obtain information from their posture, movement patterns and behaviour and relate it to areas of the brain that are not functioning optimally at that moment. With this information you will know what exercises you can do and what parenting strategies you can implement to help your children become their best version. In addition, the information obtained is also important to help you help yourself. You can train yourself to overcome your blocks, fears, improve your concentration and better understand yourself, better manage your frustrations, and consequently lead your family better ... . Our children are the mirror of what happens to us, the parents.

Understanding how the brain works in general will not only advance your child, but you and your whole family.

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