Hyphae da Terra®.
€ 55,00 EUR

Mico-Leo (hyphae da Terra®)

Mico-Leo is a concentrated food supplement enriched with the active ingredients of Lion's Mane (Hericium erinaceus). This fungus is an excellent prebiotic and regenerator of the nervous system and the proper functioning of mucous membranes. Contains vitamin B12.

  • Suitable for coeliacs, lactose intolerant, vegetarians and vegans.

* Free of gluten, preservatives, chemicals, sweeteners, flavourings, starch, wheat, corn, soya, sugar and dairy products.

  • If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, consult your doctor.
  • Keep at a temperature below 25°C
  • Intended for oral use only.

Objective: Helps to optimise the development of the nervous system and mucous membranes.

Manufacturer: Hifas da Terra ®

Ingredients: Alpha, Beta and D-glucans, hericenones C and D, ergothioneine and lovastatin. Vitamin B12, vitamin B2, vitamin B6, zinc, iron and copper.

* Non-GMO ingredients

Quantity: 70 capsules

Material: Pure organic extract

Weight: 620 mg/capsule

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