Family RESET Programme

We will contact you shortly to arrange a start date for the Programme.
€ 3.000,00 EUR

Do one or more family members have difficulties but you can't wait and want to see results as soon as possible?

The Family RESET Programme is the ideal platform for you and your family.

It is an intensive four-week programme. The programme starts on a Saturday, during which all exploratory sessions are held with all members of the family. Our transdisciplinary team analyses in depth the difficulties and potentials of each member, as well as the relationships between them. Parents have a separate session with one of the psychologists specialising in couples, parenting and parenting in which parents can express their difficulties and concerns.

From here, an intensive treatment plan is drawn up, which starts just the following week, and consists of a daily therapy session for the family for four weeks. This includes individual sessions with any member of the family (according to the needs observed) and with any of our disciplines, as well as access to all the technologies and therapeutic tools of Tot Teràpia. 

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