The Hanen Program

We both understand each other when we talk
€ 750,00 EUR

We recognise the child as part of a dynamic social system and the family as the most important element in a child's life.

The course "Talking makes us both understand each other" (Hanen Method) is a course to guide parents in stimulating their children's language development.

The method is based on the premise that moments of routine family activities are learning opportunities to communicate. And parents are taught how to use these moments to foster their children's communication.

It is the parents who know their children best and who can help the whole team with the generalisation of what they have learnt, by continuing to practice at home what we have already started at Tot Teràpia.

Another course from The Hanen Centre® is "MoreThanWords", specifically designed for parents with children on the Autism Spectrum.

Both courses of The Hanen Centre® are highly scientifically based.

The course is carried out through 9 face-to-face or on-line group sessions, plus 3 face-to-face individual sessions that take place in the family's home.

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